Eddie Wilson is Named CEO of Affinity Worldwide

Eddie Wilson, formerly the president of Affinity Worldwide, succeeds retiring CEO, Mike Wrenn

Mike Wrenn has retired as CEO of Affinity Worldwide after leading and exponentially growing the enterprise since 2008. He has transitioned to chairman and will maintain an active role in the insurance operations due to his 44-year career. Eddie Wilson, who came to Affinity Worldwide in May 2015 as president, has been named CEO. Wilson will lead an experienced and tenured team that has worked together for years.

Wilson graduated from the Ohio School of Broadcasting, studied marketing at Georgia Tech and business management at Emory University. He took a talk radio station in Atlanta to the level of “Most Listened to Station in the World” (Radio and Records Magazine) in 2002. He has owned his own advertising agency, which represented clients such as Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Buffalo Wild Wings and Mail America. Wilson currently owns a Christian broadcasting company, Go Media, 14 radio stations and five television stations, reaching listeners and viewers on five continents. He speaks around the country, including at many well-known universities, on the topics of Branding, Marketing and Innovation in Business. In his previous role as president of Affinity Worldwide, Wilson served on the executive team and was responsible for all the core assets.

“I am honored to lead Affinity Worldwide, a company comprised of more than 50 operating divisions spanning the spectrum from real estate investing to insurance to research and development to entrepreneurial incubation. My desire is to unify our industry by providing great information, education and service. We are here to build a great group of businesses while also building our industry and providing a path for wealth and purpose,” said Wilson.

“After working alongside him for several years, I am confident in Eddie’s abilities as a leader and visionary. His business management and marketing education, expertise in growing companies and his collaborative, kind personality will make him an excellent CEO of the Affinity Worldwide enterprise,” said Wrenn.

Affinity Worldwide is a family of companies spanning a broad spectrum of industries, with the empowerment and support of residential real estate investors at its core.